We create experiences that promote positive behavior and safer facilities

Food that drives positive behavior

Our foodservice programs provide our Corrections clients with:

Food trays in assembly line

Commissary & technology services that help enhance your facility

Inmate using tablet

We offer fully integrated and industry-leading commissary services including intake technology, inmate banking software, monitored inmate email, ordering solutions and fulfillment accuracy systems to provide a better experience and enhanced commissions for your facility. From customizations that meet your facility’s needs to menus featuring national brand name products that inmates enjoy, we take an entirely customer-centric approach to commissary services. Streamlined processes and satisfied inmates, plus 24/7 service support means a smoother day for your staff.

Officer and Staff dining to engage and energize your team

We know the value of a great staff dining program reaches far past offering a quick, mid-shift bite. It can positively affect employee productivity, satisfaction, and help improve officer and staff retention. From full cafés to 24/7 micro markets, our approach to Staff Dining focuses on delicious, fresh, and convenient menu offerings, in an inviting environment, developed from direct feedback from your officer and staff community.

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Additional Services
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Summit provides comprehensive laundry management programs specifically designed for your facility’s needs. Our team utilizes enhanced technology to drive cost efficiencies and location accuracy of all property. We work closely with your management team to customize a laundry management program that meets and exceeds your specific requirements.

The Outside Inside Connection

The Outside Inside Connection is a web-based program that provides an inmate’s friends and family with the ability to purchase a special meal or gift basket for them. This program exemplifies a powerful tool that rewards appropriate behavior and helps reinforce inmate connectivity with friends and family.

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Team Training Programs

Our employee training programs are specifically designed to prepare our team members for working in correctional environments. Modules include: PREA, Boundaries, Food Production and Safety.

These programs provide our team members with the tools to:

Staff with Corrections officer
Inmates making bread dough

Pathways Training Program

We feel we have a unique opportunity to offer hands-on education, training and coaching to our inmate workers that will give them the tools and confidence needed for successful re-entry. We offer a tiered inmate vocational certification program that provides training in culinary skills, service, sanitation and general foodservice production. Upon completion of each level of our program, inmates receive certification for the level completed. After the third level, the inmate can earn ServSafe certification, the nationally recognized food safety standard. Graduates of this program have an improved opportunity to successfully compete in the job market and benefit their communities after release.