Red Peaks

Red Peaks

Nutritionally balanced, cost-effective meals

Summit understands that no two clients operate in the same way but must ensure their inmates are fed on-time with nutritionally balanced, cost-effective meals. We have worked to develop a suite of solutions that clients can choose from to build a foodservice management program that is specifically designed for them.

Our Red Peaks solution was created to assist corrections facilities of all sizes with an alternate foodservice capability. The solution ensures consistent meal taste, quality and portions for your inmates with simple preparation for your staff. It’s ideal for correctional facilities without a kitchen, production area or equipment.

Red Peaks Meals

At Summit our team of culinary experts and licensed dietitians have developed tasty, healthy and safe pre-plated meals that provide exceptional value for facilities with limited kitchens and staffs to operate them.

Red Peaks breakfast, lunch and dinner meals are consistently portioned, frozen at peak freshness and delivered to your facility. The meals were developed in collaboration with our operations team to ensure this solution would be a quick and easy way to reheat meals. Hot food heats in less than 30 minutes and cold food simply thaws overnight. We have a two-week menu cycle including delicious favorites that fully comply with nutritional standards and calorie requirements.

Red Peaks beef patty meal
Red Peaks grilled cheese

The Process

Red Peaks makes your meal-time easy!

  1. Get your census for the meal period
  2. Go to the calendar/menu and determine the items needed to pull and reheat
  3. Pull the items and place on appropriate tray
  4. Turn on the re-therm oven and heat the meals
  5. Take the meals out of the re-therm oven
  6. Organize the meals and the cold-packs for movement
  7. Take the meals to the housing unit(s)
  8. Pass out the meals to the inmates
  9. Return to the kitchen to prepare the meals for the next meal period
  10. Resume your normal responsibilities

The Red Peaks system empowers your staff to support your inmate meal program and allows them to easily accommodate late arrivals with the simple heat and serve process.

Ordering is simple

Clients can easily order online the quantity of meals you need based on your available freezer and refrigerator space.

Let's get started

If you’re looking for a solution that provides quality food, easy mealtimes and exceptional value, contact the Summit Team to bring Red Peaks to your facility.
Red Peaks beef and potatoes meal
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Let's get started

If you’re looking for a solution that provides quality food, easy mealtimes and exceptional value, contact the Summit Team below to bring Red Peaks to your facility.

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